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+51 935209235 info@overandestravel.com

Welcome to Overandes

Before to establish OVERANDESTRAVEL as a company, we have been organizing itineraries, hiking the routes, exploring new alternatives, and we still actively seeking out the undiscovered, the hidden away wonders, the little known locales and attractions out of the way.

whereby We believe that by providing fantastic tours and experiences that fit your passion and wishes, we can take your vacation to the next level. Our focus is providing new experiences, flexible and personalized tours.

At the same time, we were aware of the significant exploitation in the Peruvian tourism industry, OVERANDESTRAVEL. as a young company decided that we would not be part of this. therefore, we took as our aim to provide benefits of tourism to Cusco region beyond the natural richness that it has, trying with respect and paying above the regular rates to our workers, and absolutely having a special respect to our environment believing and living in a sustainable tourism.

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