Life over the andes foundation

LIFE OVER THE ANDES  FOUNDATION: was started by experienced guides and workers who have traditionally served corporate operators. We feel socially responsible to our community that brings us the workers who help tourists. We have a stake in the sustainability of our community that has been ravaged by adverse natural events, that have mercilessly displaced traditional agricultural workers into tourism and hospitality industry. We want to ensure better life, quality education for the families and children of our workers. We take this charge very seriously.    


The beginning

Our Foundation, was born in a moment of inspiration in 2016 when one of our workers, from “Rayan” small village of Ollantaymbo – Cusco , openly discussed the serious problems facing his community. Many families lost all of their arable land and their livestock to massive floods from rains in 2015, and they had to quickly seek out alternative jobs to survive. Being experts in the local terrain and the beauty of remote areas, locals were encouraged by friends to train as guides, cooks and porters. They invited those of us experienced in tour operations to their community, and we quickly bonded with their families and children. We were touched and inspired by their earnestness to succeed.


We established this foundation to provide a springboard to the future for these children. They are our treasure and our best investment.