If you are looking for a quiet trek avoiding the crowds; definitely this trek is for you.The Ausangate mount (6,377mts/20,921) was for the Incas the most sacred mountain and after centuries the andeanpeople continue going to its icy slopes for religious purposes. So now we have the opportunity to take the sacred trails that the Incas took 500 hundred years ago to reach there, and this time we will complement with the beauty of the painted hill. On this place you will enjoy every day the spectacular views of the glacier, colorful lakes, the vast andean terrain with people who keep alive their local traditions, hundreds and hundreds of llamas and alpacas, the rocky areas with the chinchillas, wild herds of vicuñas, soaring condors and finally the Rainbow Mountain, located in a colorful and magical sandstone mountain range. Definitely a great place to enjoy the nature.

  • Day 1: Cusco – Tinki- Upis

    We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco at 4:00am, we drive for 3 hours until ‘Tinki’ (3,900 m./12,795 ft.) the place where we stop and we will have a delicious breakfast. After we have time to organize our equipment and then we start our adventure, we will hike for almost 4 hours gradually up until our lunch spot, on the way we will see the beautiful landscape with some llamas and alpacas and the view of Ausangate Glacier far in the distance. After lunch we have 2 more hours until our campsite ‘Upis’. This campsite is near to a hot spring, also from here we have a great view of the glacier, around 6 we will have the tea time where we have hot drinks and many surprises made by your chef, at 7 pm. we have the delicious dinner.
    • Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch, tea time and dinner.
    • Accommodation: Camping facilities.
    • Distance: 12 kms. – 7,456 mi.
    • Average time: 6 hours.
    • Considered: Moderate.
    • Weather: Dry - cold.
    • Campsite altitude: 4,100m./13,450 ft.


    Day 2:Upis – Arapa Pass – Pukaccocha

    Today our team will wake us up with a hot cup of coca tea, after organizing our duffle bags we will have a lovely breakfast, then we are going to start hiking up enjoying the beautiful view of the glacier perhaps some local people herding the llamas and alpacas, also we will see the Vizcachas (Chinchillas) running everywhere, the vicuñas living in their natural habitat and after 3 hours we reach to Arapa pass (4,900 m./16,000 ft.) this is going to be the highest point of today, from here we will have a really great views of the Ausangate glacier which is the highest point in Cusco Region as well the good views of the surrounding areas, after we start to descent for 2 hours until lunch spot. Since here we hike 2 hours along the andean flat, on the way we will see two beautiful lagoons, even our campsite is near to Pukaccocha lagoon and here we will have the chance to see the wild animals of the zone such as, andean goose, puna ibis, ducks. Average time to reach to the campsite is 4 pm.
    • Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch, tea time and dinner.
    • Accommodation: Camping facilities.
    • Distance: 14 kms. – 8,700 mi.
    • Average time: 7 hours.
    • Considered: Challenging.
    • Weather: Dry - cold.
    • Campsite altitude: 4,300m./14,107 ft.


    Day 3:Pukaccocha – Ausangate pass – Alccatauri

    We will wake up around 6:30 am. after enjoying the nice views of the lagoon and the Ausangate glacier near to us we will have a delicious and hot breakfast, after we star to hike uphill for 2 hours until Ausangate pass (5,000 m./16,400 ft.), once here while we are enjoying a cup of coca tea provided by our chef we will have the chance to enjoy of amazing views of Ausangate glacier in all its majesty, at its bottom 4 beautiful lagoons also the beauty of colorful mountains surrounding the area, after taking a good pictures we continue for another 2 hours on a gradual downhill hike until ‘Alccatauri’ (4,400 m./14,435 ft.) which is lunch spot.

    Today is just a half day hike. Lunch spot is also our campsite, we will have free afternoon, still the great views of the mountains and the snowcapped-peaks. This camp is a good place to enjoy the milky way.
    • Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch, tea time and dinner.
    • Accommodation: Camping facilities.
    • Distance: 6 kms. – 4mi.
    • Average time: 5 hours.
    • Considered: Moderate.
    • Weather: dry - cold.
    • Campsite altitude: 4,400m./14,435 ft.


    Day 4:Alccatauri – Rainbow mountain – Pampachiri – Cusco

    Today we will be woken up very early at 4 am. after breakfast we will star ascend for 1 ½ until the last pass (5,100m./16,732ft.) once here we will enjoy the amazing sunrise, after we continue to descent for another 1 hour until one beautiful lagoon, afterwards still 2 more hours ascending gradually until the official view point of this marvel of the nature ‘Rainbow Mountain’, once here we will spend around 30 minutes enjoying the views of this magical and colorful mountain and also your guide will explain you what makes this mountain so unique, which minerals make different colors of stone striations. Still the option to hike down to the ‘Red Mountain’ (to be organized with your guide and it takes 1 hour round-trip). After enjoying this astonishment place we start to descent for 2 hours until ‘Pampachiri’ where our chef will be waiting for us with a lovely lunch.

    Here also our private van will be waiting for us and after lunch we will drive 3 hours back to Cusco directly to your hotel. (average time to reach to Cusco 6 pm.).
    • Meals: Breakfast, snack, lunch.
    • Distance: 10kms. – 6,213mi.
    • Average time: 7 hours.
    • Considered: Moderate.
    • Weather: dry - cold.
    • Maximum altitude: (5,200 m./17,060 ft.).

  • Included in the Ausangate Rainbow Mountain trek 4D
    It will be done one night before the trek, and here we will tell you all the specific details about the trek.
    Professional guide
    Bilingual English speaking, experienced professional guide.
    All the tickets:
    All tickets for the trek.
    Tickets for the Rainbow mountain.
    transfer from the airport to your hotel.
    Pick up in a private transport to the starting point of the trek.
    Private van on the last day to your hotel.
    3-nights of camping in a comfortable tent (sleeping 2 people in a 4-person tent).
    Experienced chef.
    Wranglers and horses
    To transport all equipment, tents, food, chairs, etc.
    Emergency horse
    We will have an extra horse in case we need it.
    Camping equipment:
    Dining tent to enjoy the meals with tables and chairs.
    Kitchen tent.
    Toilet tent.
    Duffle bag:
    We will provide you a duffle bag at the moment of the briefing for your personal gear (7 kg.)
    Four breakfast, four lunches and three dinners.
    Snacks, and surprises made by our trekking chef.
    * if you have any food restriction, please let us know.
    We will provide you boiled and cold water to fill the water bottles from your first lunch until last breakfast.
    First aids:
    All our guides have received training in first aids from a Physician.
    Emergency first-aid kit.
    Oxygen tank.
    We will provide you warm water every morning for washing, small pillows, a thick foam mattress and much more!!!

    Not included
    • Sleeping bag: US$20.
    • Inflatable air mattress: US$20.
    • Walking sticks (Pair): US$15.
    • Tips for the crew. (Guide, chef, horseman)

  • • Sleeping Bag: US$20.00 per person per trek (It will be clean and warm).
    • Air Mattress: US$20.00 per person per trek.
    • Walking Poles: US$15.00 per pair per trek (Professional Poles that can be extended).

  • PRICE - USD 590 per person.
    This price includes the extra personal porter who will carry your belongings up to 7 kilos and the
    Under 15 years will pay as student: US$20.00
    Under 7 years Discount: US$35.00

    ***please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.

  • Essentials for the Ausangate Rainbow Mountain trek 4D
    You have to take with you for this trek.

    Original passport. (very important).
    Valid GREEN ISIC card, (if you booked as a student)
    Small day pack – 30 or 40 L. for hiking in the day.
    Comfortable hiking boots with ankle support.
    Head lamp with extra batteries. (essential)
    Sleeping bag: it has to be at least -15 ºC (can be rented from overandestravel).

    We will provide you a duffle bag at your briefing time and of course we will explain you what to put inside. Also include a porter wo will carry up your personal items to 7 kg. or 14 pounds including your sleeping bag and air mattress (these 2 items are 3.5 kg.)

    Comfortable shoes for camp.
    Warm clothes for variable temperatures - 5 ºC: wool hat, scarves, gloves, wool socks.
    Battery charger – No electricity along the trek.
    Quick-dry towel.
    2 hiking pants.
    3 t-shirts.
    Sets of undergarments.
    Sets of hiking socks.
    Couple of fleece (thermals will be great)
    Sleeping bag: it has to be at least -15 ºC (can be rented from overandestravel).

    Toothbrush and paste.
    Hand sanitizer.
    Personal medication.
    Basic first aids kit – moleskin, band aids, etc.
    Toilet paper and small plastic bag for waste.
    Wet wipes.

    We recommend a small backpack 30L – 40L for hiking.

    Water bottle, or Camelbak – please supply your water until first lunch, then we will provide cold-boiled water after every meal.
    Sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
    Rain gear: rain jacket, rain pant.
    Wool hat, gloves.
    Value things.
    Snacks like dry fruits, chocolates, etc.
    Trekking poles (can be rented from overandestravel)
    Plastic poncho - we will provide you one.
    Basic first aids kit – moleskin, band aids, etc.
    Personal medication.
    Extra money (dollars or soles) for souvenirs, drinks, tips, etc. at least $100.
    Head lamp with extra batteries. (essential)
    Toilet paper and small plastic bag for waste.
    Hand sanitizer.


    Note: beside the main briefing done the night before the trek. Your guide will explain you every night about the activities to do and what to bring in your backpacks next days.