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About Us

Why travel with us

Before to establish Overandes Travel E.I.R.L. as a company, we have been organizing itineraries, hiking the routes, exploring new alternatives, and we still actively seeking out the undiscovered, the hidden away wonders, the little known locales and attractions out of the way.

whereby We believe that by providing fantastic tours and experiences that fit your passion and wishes, we can take your vacation to the next level. Our focus is providing new experiences, flexible and personalized tours.

At the same time, we were aware of the significant exploitation in the Peruvian tourism industry, Overandes Travel E.I.R.L. as a young company decided that we would not be part of this. therefore, we took as our aim to provide benefits of tourism to Cusco region beyond the natural richness that it has, trying with respect and paying above the regular rates to our workers, and absolutely having a special respect to our environment believing and living in a sustainable tourism.

Life overandes foundation

The existence of thousands of travel agencies in Peru motivated us to work in a different way than them, all of them believe and think that a Social Responsibility is just give presents to the kids during Christmas and forget this kids the rest of the year, they do something that in Overandes travel E.I.R.L we know as a “Just for the Picture”.

Our slogan is a “Different way of Adventure”, but this slogan doesn’t work just for our travelers and customers, this slogan is especially for our kids and workers because we are thinking that our life still in a complete adventure and we want to help our kids and workers to have better opportunities and of course good experience in their life adventure.

The big starting

Life Overandes Foundation, was created in 2019  when one of our workers  talked us about his community Rayan, this community had big problems with the nature during the rainy season of 2015, and some of the families lost a big percentage of their crops and food. It was when the office staff try to talk with the local president to convince them to work for us as a porters and chefs in our hiking routes.

Finally, they invited us to their community and we start to talk with them and their kids, assisting in their different questions, inquietudes, sharing ideas and finallysion was that the only thing that they did not have was the opportunity to have a better future.

This day we decide to bring and provide this opportunity, we are we understood that they have a big heart and the enthusiasm to work specially for those kids, and the conclu still a small company if you want to compare us with the monsters, but we want to give to these kids all kind of opportunities because “THEY ARE OUR BEST TREASURE AND FUTURE”


1) provide outstanding, personalized service to ensure utmost satisfaction to all our clients, each and every time. 

2) work directly with local people in each community that we visit in a coordinated way to create sustainable tourism and preserving the ecosystem and environment around us We commit to exceed our client’s expectation with custom Itinerary and luxury travel style.

We tailor your adventure to fit your travel style, time frame, budget, and interests! From different styles of lodging to your favorite adventure activities, 

We will create the best itinerary catered for you. The level of service you receive and experience you have is of the utmost importance to us. We have excellent relationship with top South Peruvian guides, hotels and restaurants to ensure the best for our clients. With headquarters in Cusco (Local company), we partnership with the best tour operators in others parts of Peru such as: Arequipa, Puno and other areas so that you can rest assured that you will receive the same quality of service wherever you travel with us.


Before to plan our itineraries we have been visiting and we continue analyzing all details in our destinations, to be sure we are offering best quality, services and prices to our clients.